Reincarnation is for Sissies

…who cannot bear to face the reality of mortality, of the definite. It is a concept for the spiritual immature.”

Why do people with glass-cutting opinions have to talk while not only full of themselves but their mouths equally filled with hors d’euvre?

Although he was not even speaking to me, I felt definitely being too close to his nurturing comments. So I faked noticing a friend just entering the room and left the small group, waving and smiling enthusiastically at no one in particular.
After all, this was not my house nor my party (where I could have even cried if I wanted to).

While I am not sure about reincarnation, I am quite positive about trying not to ridicule other people’s beliefs. Of course I could have flattened this guy with one of my incredible witty and intelligent remarks. But then I would have had to at least spend all night in his vicinity, because above mentioned remarks – while brilliant – are usually somewhat slow in coming. If I wanted to insult someone creatively, I had to think about what to say for so long, that it just did not seem worthwhile after all. That is why I sometimes get mistaken for a good person. Call it Karma.

While we all know about reincarnation in Buddhism and Hinduism, according to Wikipedia, it is also an intrinsic part of many Native American and Inuit traditions, and 24% of American Christians expressed a belief in it.

What are your opinions regarding reincarnation? Personally, like mentioned before I am still a fence-sitter, though having had a brush or two with the (at least currently) unexplainable.
For all my fellow fence-sitters and of course all others interested in the topic, here is a link to an interesting article:

Scientific American: (yes, you read that right – Scientific American)

Are we sceptics really just cynics?



3 thoughts on “Reincarnation is for Sissies

  1. I don’t at all agree that “reincarnation … is a concept for the spiritual immature.” There is so much we don’t understand about even the most basic workings of our universe — we still don’t even know what makes up matter! — that is seems ill-informed to declare anything with 100% certainty. So while I don’t believe with certainty in reincarnation, UFOs, ghosts, or anything else of that ilk, I do think it’s all *possible* in this wondrous universe of ours. In my opinion, dismissing such possibilities out of hand suggests rigid, inflexible thinking and a profound lack of intellectual curiosity. So there. 🙂

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